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F.R.O. stands for: Fashion Resurrection Oversize.

Greenpeace has recently launched the results of a survey, saying that 40% of the clothes a person owns are being worn seldomly or just not at all. Although the consumers`  insistence gradually led to a change of the conditions of productions on the manufacturers site, the consumers themselfes do not seem to be motivated by sustainability. At the same time there are meanwhile many structures supporting a more sustainable consumption of fashion instead of realizing fashion items as throw-away articles, such as tailors, shoemakers, swap meets or the upcycling movement.


In collaboration with the Second Hand Boutique PRAG A in Stuttgart / Germany, run by the well known welfare organisation CARITAS, we have realized a fashion story with the working title as follows: F.R.O..

We aimed to give a hint on the resurrection of seemingly dead used clothes by draping and recombining them completely new – even if they are not fitting your size. In our case the stylist Irmela Schwengler has only used oversized articles. In order to stick to the resurrection-image we have shot our story on the graveyard Pragfriedhof which is both, location and name-giver to the 2nd hand boutique PRAG A, that after all only employs long-term unemployed woman

The models` posing quotes Old Masters of resurrection effigies such as Cranach, Memeling oder Tischbein.

F.R.O. was published both in Berlin`s Thank That and In ELUXE MAG in Paris.


Model: Laura S. c/o Place Model Management, Hamburg
H / M: Corine Spies
Styling: Irmela Schwengler


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